Found Paintings

Found Paintings

An ongoing series of photographs

The inspiration for the series originally came from photographic studies made as reference for paintings. The series has evolved to become a collection of photographs of found objects, exploring the relationship between my work as a photographer and painter.

The images examine the discarded objects of consumerism and the subsequent metamorphosis when they are subjected to neglect and the elements, man made to organic, trash to treasure. Selection and proportion are vital elements within the images, bringing a sense of order to the essentially chaotic nature of the subjects. The images challenge preconceived boundaries between the painterly and the photographic, the abstract and the representational. Subjects are selected for their lack of obvious identity and are intentionally not identified allowing the photographs to be viewed as non figurative images, inviting the viewer to attribute their own reality.

I am extremely grateful for the interest shown in the Found Paintings series since they were published in Hasselblad Forum Magazine.

Photographs © Keith Laban